I started this site around the end of last year with a friend. It was supposed to be a daily Bitcoin and cryptocurrency- related blog. Shortly after we started the site I began working 3 jobs and just didn’t have the time I needed to dedicate to this site. Needless to say my friend who started the site with me did not wait around for me, and he moved on to other projects also. Coincache has always been in the back of my mind however, even as it sat untouched on the back burner of my priorities list. He and I will begin where our work left off.

Things have now changed, and I have some time free to focus my attention on this site.  I have added a bunch of freelance articles I wrote over the interim hiatus. Do not be confused, this is primarily a Bitcoin related site. I do not plan on spending much time on altcoins, or non-bitcoin related content, however, many of the freelance article I posted were written for clients who requested altcoin-specific content. From now on, and moving forward into the future, we shall be providing content as much as possible, and of the highest quality possible. This is a side project which competes for my time with my family and my full-time job.

I have big plans for this site and I will be sharing them with you in detail as I make progress. This site will soon have a lot of exciting developments.


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